Monday, September 24, 2012

Travelers Tip

Your luggage is already overstuffed by necessities (10 pairs of shoes, for a 5 day trip) so who is thinking of taking a pillow for the plane? But, once you arrive to your seat, super tired, those dirty pillows set you back. You don’t know, or do not want to know, how many heads had rested there. So here comes my tip, boudoir pillow sham! Preferably 2, one for getting to your destination and one for coming home, they are tiny, so they easily fit on your purse. You put them on the plane’s pillows (they fit perfectly) and voila! Germ free and oh so super chick!!! I pack them inside out on my purse to ensure they are clean, put them right side out on the pillows and then put them away inside out again. Once I get home I wash them and store the shams with my travel essentials so they are ready to go for my next journey.
You can buy them anywhere, I like the Pottery Barn ones, in Pearl or Grand embroider, you can also personalize them. At $19.00, they are almost cheaper than any pillow you buy at the airport and so much cuter!

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