Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY: Apple Flower Vase...

This is the cutest idea ever!

You will need:

1- Apple (with a good base)

2- Florist Foam (oasis) in a sphere about the same size as the apple

3- Baby carnations in orange (you could also use baby roses, or any other little flower) 

4- A wood dowel 

5- Scissors

6- Sharp Knife

7- Water Spray 


1- Cut the sphere so it is flat in the bottom 

2- Stick the dowel in the middle of the top of the apple and in the middle of the flat side of the sphere

3- Cut the flowers almost to the end, but leaving a little bit of steam so that you can stick them to the foam

4- Spray the foam with water

5- Insert the first flower in the middle of the top of the foam and work your way around that flower


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