Monday, October 1, 2012

La crème de la crème of toothpaste…

Yes, you heard right, (-read right) there is such thing as “la crème de la crème” of toothpaste. Please let me introduce you (-if you don’t all ready know it) to Marvis. Italian toothpaste that is the mintiest most amazing toothpaste I had ever used! A super splurge, 10.50$, three times more expensive than your regular toothpaste, 3.50$ approx., but it really is a treat for your mouth, and eyes because of its gorgeous packaging, imagine that on your sink!
I have only tried the green one – classic strong mint, but you have so many other ones. Red Marvis – cinnamon mint, black – amarelli licorice, orange – ginger mint, white – whitening mint, purple – jasmine mint, blue – aquatic mint. 

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